There are more than a few people who love motorcycles and everything about them.

"From box to blacktop" satisfies that instinctive appeal of wanting to build something. Of course, building from total scratch is not achievable for most of us, since motorcycles are precision products.

These kits take the hardest part out of the deal, and leave you with something that is just challenging enough but not too hard, but will still give you a sense of satisfaction when you finish. Perhaps a little background on the whole thing would help to explain how  packing the motorcycle in a disassembled state originated.

As a consequence of mass production completed bikes are partially disassembled for transportation. Disassembled motorcycles consumed less space than the whole vehicles, so that meant the companies could save on transport and storage..This is how bikes are normally shipped to dealers. The next step probably came when someone asked if they could buy a motorcycle, but assemble it on their own, in the spirit of do it yourself. It was bound to happen sooner or later, and so motorcycles in disassembled kit form became available.

In summary,  these bikes are assembled in the factory, run up and then tested. After this they are sent to the packing department where they are partially disassembled for transportation. The front wheel comes off and the handlebars are unbolted and placed still connected at the side.  Mechanical ability is required to reassemble the bikes and deal with any trouble shooting required to get the bike running right

There is just something about assembling something with your own hands, a feeling of being able to trust it more. It should also give you a sense of accomplishment which will justify the time and energy you put into it. It will also justify any nerdy feelings that may have cropped up from assembling something from a kit.

In many instances the assembly of the bike will encourage further customisation.

An interesting side effect to all of this is that this initial bonding caused by going from wrench to ride inclines the owner to take better care of the bike.

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