This is a quick step-by-step guide to help you assemble your bike. These steps are to be read in conjunction with any other instructions that may be included with the bike.

1 – Remove the packaging 

Carefully remove the packaging and ensure you check all boxes etc prior to disposal to prevent throwing out any necessary parts, instructions etc

2 – Check parts

Check you have all the parts required. The bike will come almost completely assembled and only require you to add the finishing touches.

3 – Place the bike

If you have a bike stand, place the bike on it. If you don’t have a stand handy, then you can use buckets or large boxes.

4 – Handlebars

Take the handlebars which can usually be found dangling by the cables and install it. Make sure you tighten the holding bolts securely

5 – Front wheel

Find and remove the plastic spacer between the brake pads. Install the front wheel but make sure you check that the spacers on the front axle are in the right place. Also, check to make sure that your brake disc is aligned with the brake pads before you tighten the bolts securely.

6 – Front fender

Install the front fender which usually consists of a few bolts These bolts may already be in place for you.

7 – Prepare the battery

Take the battery out of the box and follow the instructions on how to add the acid. Charge the battery using a car battery charger for approx 2 hours or until the battery is fully charged. Install the battery in the bike.

8 – Fit the indicators

In most case the indicators will have been packed separately to prevent transit damage. The have to be bolted on and connected.


9 – Double check

Make sure all bolts on your bike are inserted into position and tight

10 – Inspection

Visually inspect your newly assembled bike and make sure everything is mounted properly, aligned and in position.



This is not a complete list – there may be other steps or some of the steps may have been completed already . All depending on which model you are assembling.