How are these bikes delivered.

We use a number of freight companies throughout Australia to get you the best freight price.The bikes are packed in a steel crate for convenience of transport.

What assembly is required

Basically these bikes are assembled in the factory, run up and then tested. After this they are sent to the packing department where they are partially disassembled for transportation. The front wheel comes off and the handlebars are unbolted and placed still connected at the side.  Mechanical ability is required to reassemble the bikes and deal with any trouble shooting required to get the bike running right.

Can these bikes be licensed for use in Australia

Yes these are all Australian complied and the Vehicle Identification Numbers have all been registered with the National NEVDIS system.  Licensing requirements vary from state to state so you are advised to contact your local authority to clarify what is involved.

What if I do not want to assemble the bike myself.

No problem, either enlist the help of a friend,  or talk to your local motorcycle dealer who may be more than happy to complete this task as a workshop job.

Are spare parts available for these bikes

Yes we have an extensive range of parts in our warehouse to support these bikes in the market. Currently spare parts ordering  is via a quote request and then invoice. We are working however on having the parts system online in a shopping cart format.

Is there any after-market parts available for these bikes.

Currently we do not stock any parts to modify the bikes however there is a variety of parts to suit these models on the net.